Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Viking Warriors in WW II



Viking warriors in World War II. Our Ancestral Viking warriors reincarnated in many of the Scandinavian and European countries during and after WWI.

It is a known esoteric fact that large groups of people from the same area and time period incarnate at the same time in the same areas.

Over 600,000 non-German Europeans fought on the Russian Eastern front against the Evils of Stalin and Russian Communism. There is no doubt that when history is re written and taken out of the hands of the politically correct media and publishing houses the world will find out once and for all that STALIN was by far the most evil of all.

They Scandinavian Volunteers knew this. Only Churchill and Roosevelt didn't know. Or if the did know (like Pearl harbor) and kept it secret for their own agendas.

I have uncles and cousins in Scandinavia who fought in WWII in the “Wiking SS Division.”

Dutch, Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Finns, Walloons and Flemings made up the core of the 5.SS Panzerdivision “Wiking”.

They did not fight for Hitler or Germany. They fought to keep the hordes or Magyars, Tartars, and Mongols from the Russian steps overrunning their homelands.

They wore the double SIG runes on one of their collars. On the other collar they wore a patch showing the Prow of a Viking Long Ship (Knor).

The division contained both the Nordland and the Westland Volunteer Regiments.

They fought in the Southern Sector of the Eastern front around Lenigrad (1942).

In 1943 they formed up as a Panzer Grenadier Division fighting during the big tank battle at Kurst.

They suffered heavy losses earning the great respect of even the Soviet Generals. They were true Vikings.

The “Wikunger” attained an elite status equal to the best Waffen SS divisions.

In Feb 1944 they took part in the furious fighting around Cherkassy. Again they suffered heavy losses.

All during the war in Russia, the Scandinavian Volunteer troops fought against odds 5-10 times their numbers. Most of it hand-to-hand.

They were withdrawn to Poland where they fought in the defense of Warsaw and Budapest.

Finally in 1945 the fought their final battle in defense of Berlin. They were almost completely wiped out and were finished as a combat unit.

A total of 54 Knights Crosses were presented to individual Vikings.

To the end they fought like Beserkers and even in defeat they retained their national pride.

The world will finally learn that Communism wants total world domination and will not stop till they attain it. The European Volunteers of WWII, who dies by the hundreds of thousands, knew this. That is why they fought so hard.

When are our leaders going to admit this and stop them before they over run America?

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