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Danish Viking Invade England 1003ad


This Force Was Resistless!”

The English peoples are not a pure race. They are a mixture of Angles (Germanic), Saxons (Scandinavian) and the more fierce Scots and Celts.

They portray the courage and adventurous traits of the Scandinavians and Germans. But they also display the horrible barbarous traits of the mixture of the bloods between Angles, Saxons, Scots and Celts.

The dominant trait of a race of people is determined by their blood. The blood of a people have always been the determining factor of their behavior.

Until just recently, races, countries, family and individuals fought to the death to keep their blood pure.

The English race is a mixture of many bloods.

This gives them the courage and strength to become great warriors and conquer most of the world.

But on the downside, it made them extremely cruel and possessive.

They punished their own people just as cruel as others. With a severity that surpasses human reason.

Have you see 'Braveheart?' Read Charles Dickens? Debtors prisons? Cat-o-nine tails on British naval ships? Indebted service?

There are many stories down through English history that tell of their barbaric and cruel forms of punishment.

I believe that a large reason for this creulity comes from the Christianization of these basic Pagan peoples.

Christianity is a cruel and barbaric religion.

The vindictive idea of punishment is one of its tenants. Crusades? Inquisition? Many 30 year wars? Huguenots?

Frederich Nietzsche said that any soul that had the blood of two races within it was always at war with itself.

What about a country with two religions?

English law was so cruel that our founding fathers protected us from it. They passed an amendment banning “Cruel and Unjust punishment.”

Here is just one of the stories about English cruelty that back fired on them.

In about 950AD Athelstane was the fist Saxon King of England.

The Danes, Scots and Celts who settled there lived in peace for forty years.

When Athelstane died, Ethelred became king when he murdered his older step brother. Elfrida, the mother of Ethelred committed the crime. The country was horrified.

He kept more Danes from settling in his country with bribes of gold and silver. When he got tired of spending all that money he resorted to an awful crime.

He issued a secret order on the 13th of November, 1002 known as the festival of St Brice (Christian), that all the Danes in the country should be put to death.

The order was carried out and the sister of Sweyn, the Danish King was among the victims.

When the news reached Sweyn, he swore to inflict a terrible punishment.

He gathered a large fleet, filled it with fierce warriors and sailed to avenge his murdered countrymen.

These fierce warriors embarked in lofty ship which bore the ensigns of their commanders. Some carried prow figures of lions, bulls, dragons, etc. The top mast heads carried figures of large birds, eagles, ravens with overstretched wings. The ships were painted bright colors.

Shields were hung in line along the bulwarks. They glittered in the sun.

Sweyn's ship had an enormous serpent's head mounted on its prow. It was called “The Great Dragon”

This mighty force was resistless.” It carried all before it and drove Ethelred out of England.

Sweyn, the King of Denmark, became the King of England.

When he died his son Canute then became King of England.


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