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Teutonic Valkyries Fight Romans 118 BC

Little Known Viking History

Teutonic Valkyries Fight Romans 113BC

Much of the history of our Viking ancestors has been lost of buried by others.

The modern world only knows what the media and Hollywood allow them to know. The movies “The Vikings” and the history channel etc portray them as barbaric savages.

They do not teach about them in our schools. Native Americans, Romans, Egyptians and Greeks get all the press.

Have you ever wondered why in a country that was predominately settled by Aryan Scandinavian, Germanic and Celtic peoples?

Here is some little know Viking history. The “Viking Migration” of about 900 AD, which gets the nasty press is only the tip of the ice berg about the history our of ancestors.

First of all the Vikings are Aryans The Aryan race includes the Nordic and Germanic peoples.

They have been around, creating history, a lot longer than 1000 years.

They both migrated from the far North. A place called “Thule” They separated in their migration downwards.

The Norse settled in the Scandinavian countries. The Germanic's in Germania.

They all worshiped the same gods, used the runes and shared the same fine qualities of courage, honor and adventure.

There are so many glorious and courageous stories of the Pre 1000 AD Vikings. To find out about them you have to search under the names like Cimbrians, Teutonians, Saxons, Longobards, Chatti, Cherusci and others.

They are belong to the Aryan Viking Brotherhood.

There is one particular story about the Teutonic Valkyries women that has been buried in the past that I would like to share with you.

The Cimbrians (Teutons) were originally inhabitants of Jutland. They were tall, with fair hair and blue eyes and very powerful.

In battle they wore breastplates of iron, helmets crowned with heads of ferocious animals. They carried white shields used to dazzle the enemy by flashing them in the sunlight.

They hurled double-headed spears and fought with short swords. The women fought with the men and were just as fierce.

They migrated and invaded Roman territory in 113 BC and alarmed Rome. Roman Counsel Marius attacked them and defeated them soundly.

A year later the Roman army again encountered the Cimbrians at Aquae Sexital.

The Cimbrians were drawn up in a square. In the center of the square the wagons we arranged in the form of a fortress for the women and children.

The Romans broke through the square and attacked the castle of wagons. The Cimbrian Valkyries fought with desperate bravery. When they saw their men routed and all was lost they killed themselves and their children rather than be sold in slavery.

That was the end of the Cimbrians in Italy.

Why can't Hollywood make movies about our heroic ancestors instead of Indians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese.

What's going on here?

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